I'm feeling kinda sad, any opinions?

So basically;

The girl I like is on her way to highschool (School ending in 3 days) Since I'm a year younger I'll stay in this school for a year more. I'm usually talking with her best friends and they say that she likes me and that we should be together, our towns are close (15mins away) but it all seems a bit.. impossible. Tho I really like her and i'm still thinking wtf should I do


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  • Just tell her you like her. Young love. Wouldn't you think it'd be fun while it lasted?

    However, I think you should wait until she actually begins her high school career, though. She'll be in a new environment, with new people, especially boys that are *not you* and she might fall for one of them. Whether you choose to tell her or not, remember this: you will get your heart broken a lot before you find the "right one", and rejection only makes you a stronger, better person. Take the plunge.

    • Indeed it does, I have learned it. The fact that we're probably heading in the same high school makes me jump a bit, but as you said, environment will change, so we'll see what happens.

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  • Yo man,
    I understand you.
    As the popular quote says "If you really love each other no distance can get between you", Let me be more clear:
    Her friends said that she loves you, As you said you love her too.
    No reason for you no to get into a relationship.
    Plus as you said its only a 15 minute distance so distance shouldn't too big of a problem to deal with.
    To sum up if you're sure that you love each other go for it, it can totally start with chatting and if it gets more serious the towns aren't too far apart.
    Hope I helped and have a beautiful day!

    • I wish it'd be that easy m8 but I appreciate your opinion, we'll see what happens :)

    • Just make sure to update me if you have any updates or any question :)

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  • Sometimes the girl you like isn't the one for you. Soon you'll come across a girl who will have a bigger impact on you than this one.

    • "The one for you", of course you will meet a lot of challenges lol before you find the right one, but it's good to use a chance life gives you when you're young. We aren't too far apart and since there is a small amount of high schools over here I'm probably going to the one she is (not because of her of course) but the environment will change as stated above, so we'll see what happens. Clearly it's not an easy thing to handle

    • Well if you like her that much then all you have to do is tell her. Especially since her friends say that she likes you. And if distance doesn't matter to you guys then you two shouldn't have no problems

  • You're right. It wouldn't work so find someone else to like!


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  • I don't know man. By the time she goes to highschool for a full year, she probably would get a boyfriend by then. An older guy.
    Shoot man I don't mean to put you down, but there's still hope. I know some girls that are still single in high school. You just gotta make your way up fast and catch up