My boyfriend told me that I was "crazy"?

Otay so me and my boyfriend (McClain?) Have been together for nine months now with is like a thosend years in high school years, any way he met me when I got out of the hospital for attempting to starve myself to death every one keeps telling me I'm "sick in the head" or that I HAD so much going for me, I write poetry still and every thing Amy way I ha BBC e many disorders including
Aspergers syndrome (autism spectrum)
Chronic depression
Frecwent hallusnations and dalusions
And burning mYself all the time
Any way so on day I cold feel the spiders in my head and legs and I cold feel cameras watching me and he said "Mira, I'm sorry but you are fucking crazy" and I cryed for the longest time I know he truly loves me and he tells me all the time how he likes those little quirks about me. And how he wan ft s to take care err e of them for me. Am I doing wrong by staying with him? Was he wrong to call me crazy? The one only reason that made me sad was because I aledy feel that way every day and take 8 different anti phycotics a day. I dont know how to feel

and no I don't act crazy or do drug's


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  • uhh I doubt you have all of those disorders you are either the most mentally challenged human or have "I want attention syndrome".


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  • I wouldn't be in a relationship if I wasn't mentally and physically okay period, he's telling you our crazy based off how you are currently and literally your state. Crazy may have been too harsh but you are ill, not to say people who suffer from these things don't deserve relationships, you're young and you need to work on yourself at the moment.

  • Honey, your not crazy and yes he fucked up but stay with him it sounds like he really loves you, and you to care about each other, keep your head up