Should I keep texting a guy first?

This guy is very shy, and we don't know each other. He likes me and I like him. Im afraid if i keep contacting him first he will think im needy. And be turned off. (I've contacted him twice, and he texted novels to me)

He lives 2 hours away so hanging out wouldn't be casual. Im not sure if i should wait it out or contact him in a week or 2?


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  • If you are sure he is interested too then maybe just keep texting. It does not sound like you are texting too much and you are aware of that so I don't think you will. Since he writes back lengthy messages he is obviously okay with you texting. If he is shy he may also be inexperienced and probably overthinks things so he might be afraid to text first. I say just keep it up the way you are and hopefully he will start texting first.

  • Why don't you reassure him that it's okay for him to initiate because you like him too?

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