Should I confront him about this?

So my boyfriend came over after work and spend little bit of time with him and everything is good. When he left he told me that he would text me and he hasn't and I'm not bother by that because I know he works two jobs and today he works both Jobs today. So I thought to myself okay he's busy I understand. At 8:23pm I wanted to text him and say " It's hasn't been a day and I'm already missing you... 😔" I wanted to say something cute because l like sending random text to him and he likes receiving texts like that. I was hoping he would text me back, even if it was really late night while he's on break at work. So I was on Facebook and I seen him online and he was online probably like 4 minutes and I'm thinking okay he's going to text me back and nothing and he got back online but it was like a min and then he got off online. To be honest that bothers me that he can get on Facebook but can't text me back. like I want to confront him about it but I don't because it kinda seem petty to confront him about it. and to start a petty argument, like should I let it go or saying something? I just need advice on this.


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  • Id be concerned too. I don't know about other people, but I always put my babe first. I read her messages and reply before doing anything else.

    But in your case, confronting him will just raise a problem. It'll probably make him think that you're needy/insecure. But if it happens on a regular basis, I would confront him then.


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  • I totally get what you mean. My SO works as a guy that rides around in delivery trucks and does the heavy lifting. So to me, he should be free for hours every day to reply to my messages but he doesn't. I see him pop on facebook every few hours (at most), for a few minutes and it kind of upsets me. But realistically, you can open your phone for all of a second and not even open facebook and sometimes it says you're online. And it takes a while for facebook to refresh and realise you've gone offline.

    I too send cute texts and he does too, but I've come to terms with the fact that he talks in the truck (or people are nosy and are reading over his shoulder), he doesn't feel comfortable reading while driving (it happens to people, travel sickness from reading) etc. I mean there's many reasons that he just doesn't text while at work. My SO said he wants to properly reply to me and he can't do that while working because there's not enough time etc.

    If you want to ask him in a joking way what he does at work and why he can't reply (not in these words) make it something light hearted. Or just outright ask, because communication and honesty is not something you should be scared of :)

    • Thank you for that, that helps I am over there thinking bad thoughts and I don't wan to confront him over something so petty because I want to pick my battle over something more serious like I know he loves me and I know he loves me back. I and I know he got message so he'll reply back to me when he gets the chance because I know he's at work and he tries to use he phone at work but I know he can get a lot of trouble for that. But once again think you for responding

    • No worries and it's good at least you can realise that.
      I confronted my SO over not really talking because for the last few weeks I was in China and trying to talk as much as possible but I busy every day and by the time I got back he'd be going to sleep in like 10 minutes and I was lucky to get one message. So I said am I just annoying you, do you want me to leave you alone etc. Because that's how it felt and in reality - he was just tired and busy with stuff to do at home! So I said perhaps we need to work better on him telling me when he's doing things because how am I supposed to know and me listening better lol.

      But yeah, if it gets to the point where he never replies to your cute message, or is appearing to make minimal effort in his time off - THAT is something to talk about. I told my SO once that I don't "fit in" to his busy schedule, we make time for each other.

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  • It may seem petty to some people , but it's a big deal if it affects how you feel and how you think he views the relationship

    I'd be pissed off if I sent my SO a sweet text like that and he ignored me , but yet found time to go on Facebook. It would show to me where his priorities lie.

    When a persons life changes , or they become extra busy , that's when you see the strength of their feelings for you , because someone who loves you wouldn't want you to feel unwanted or unloved. They'd make an effort to sacrifice their time for you... just so you don't feel neglected, and to let you know that they are thinking about you.

    If it's just a one off, then don't not say anything. If he continues to ignore your message then personally I wouldn't make an effort to send one, If he can't be bothered to make an effort and read it

  • Send him the cute texts. Yes, it's hard to see him online when he could text you, but he is probably on facebook to relax and just mindlessly scroll through