What Would You Do in such a Situation?

okay, imma make this very short and to the point. I think i'm love with my close friend (jake-not his real name). The point is i have a boyfriend and because i love him i've been trying to tell myself im not in love with jake. My boyfriend and i have been together for 1 year. Jake and i have been really close friends for about 1 year as well... we hang out all the time. But now the problem is.. im in love with him and he told me he loves me to. What kind of person would i be if i leave my boyfriend. I love my boyfriend and i dont kno why this is happening... Im trying to stop feelin what i feel fr jake but then i just get all depressed. when I accept tht i love jake... i feel horrible about disrespecting my boyfriend by loving some1 else when he loves me this much.
i dont kno what to do.
It took me a few months to write this, i wanted to make sure what i was feeling wasn't lust.
what would you do?
any advice?
I need help with these relationship stuff


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  • Go with that new dude if you dig him that much you can't be too worried about how everyone else feel about some things you did to them so go and live your life


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  • Leave your boyfriend for Jake.
    You wouldn't fall for another person if you truly loved the first.

    And he deserves someone who truly loves him and isn't emotionally cheating on him with another guy. Or cut out Jake completely from your life.

    That's your only two options. You know Jake has feelings for you and you feelings for him yet keep him in your life, that's disrespectful to your boyfriend.