How to tell if one's catfisher in online dating?

I'm doing online dating now.
Heard of many sad stories of guys catfishing girls (or the other way round) either just to play with their feelings or take away their money.

I really wanna know how to differentiate genuine guys from those catfishers?
Any specific features to pay close attention to?

More opinions please? We do video chat on a daily basis but I don't know if it's safe from catfishing :(
Any more suggestions? Thank you lol


Most Helpful Girl

  • its simple.. Skype with that person... and if possible get to meet him... problem solved!!!

    • We Skype video chat almost daily. But we are in different countries, so it's still a few months before he comes to meet me.

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    • thanks for MH

    • Welcome :)

What Guys Said 2

  • Just Skype

    • How can I know from Skype?
      If we video chat everyday, does it make him more genuine?

    • If you have already video chatted with him, then he's not a catfish.

    • Why is that? He may still catfish even we talk on video chat right?

  • It's always a gamble. But, in general, go in steps. Like, pics, voice, vid chat, etc.

    • Though at some point you will realize that you just want to be with people from high school.

    • Better late than never.

    • We video chat almost everyday lol

What Girls Said 1

  • Video chat.

    • We do almost everyday, does that make him not a catfisher?

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    • How many friends does he have? Does he seem to communicate with them? Do their profiles look genuine?

    • Like 100+ friends.
      I didn't really check their profiles carefully.
      I should check them soon.
      His friends interact with him all nicely, like a few close ones.