He keeps askin to see me I guess he is leaving state but he just told me 2 months ago?

I forgot why is he wanting to see me so bad? I hate him for this. we r not dating


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  • If you Both are 'Not Dating' here, dear, Apparently with him 'Leaving the State,' It may Not be for '2 months' as he Says, but perhaps Longer and he feels he Might not see you again For... Quite Awhile.
    If you decide to Meet up with him, I am sure you will Learn More for what is in Store, and with Reading the Writing on the Wall and All, I Assume your own 'I hate him.' in this Whole Idea is putting a Sour ball in your Mouth because he Is... Going South.
    Good luck. xx

    • Learn more for what it's store what doe that mean? Thanks you

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    • He just won't take a no for an answer. Is he trying to revenge I have the ball in my hands

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence and I am quite Confident you have a handle on this. xxoo

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