How much I like him scares the sh*t out of me?

He he is so sweet and caring. He's the kind of guy that wants to do anything to help me. He wants to clean my car. He helps me cook. He brings me flowers on his birthday celebration.

We've only been casually dating for a month. It feels like every time we see each other, another layer gets peeled back and we become even closer. The last time we hung out, we decided to be exclusive and not talk to others and we both opened up about how we feel about what we have. He even admitted to talking to two girls who he was going to end things with now that he knew I "wasn't going to kick him to the curb" and we both wanted to be exclusive.

Yesterday, we went to an amusement park for his b'day. We just fit like a glove and I feel like he's my best friend. We were both extremely exhausted when we got home, but he invited me inside to hang out a little more. We both admitted that we didn't want the other to leave without cuddling and talking.

We could barely hold our eyes open, but for the next 6 hours, we laughed, cuddled, kissed, and talked. Eventually, our conversation evolved into serious and deep. I opened up about needing time to fully trust because of my past, even though I really liked him. I cried a little. He hugged me close, kissed my forehead, and said he could tell I was hesitant, but he wasn't here to hurt me and it was okay that we are going slow. He opened up about his fear of me kicking him to the curb because of his past experiences. He shared about his abusive relationship. He cried a little and I hugged him close. We just held each other and talked about some hard stuff. Before we knew it, it was 12am.

Something about this scares the sh*t out of me, even though in my heart, it feels 100% right. My head is telling me it's too fast and he could be lying, but my heart is telling me it's right. I've never felt this way about anyone. We are supposed to hang out again today, but I'm scared my heart is overriding my head. I'm scared I've been too vulnerable.


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  • I just Read through all that you Wrote, @misssouthernbelle and you Do have every Right... I'm scared I've been too vulnerable.
    You Both have the Beginnings of a Fabulous new Beguine here, dear, and Many times when two people Find Something Special in a Most amazing Chemistry, it can be Scary when it's Moving along such as a Roller Coaster and will This... Last?
    Nursing and Nurturing to the Point where it Could be Potential partnership in the end, Needs to be done Slowly so you both or One of You suddenly Don't wake up some Morning and Grow Cold duck Feet and Feel "Is this the right thing?"
    Open Lines of Convo as well are one of the Most important factors in any New or Old relationship. Please, don't be Afraid to Speak your mind and if you have to, Sit him down and have a Serious talk of how you 'Feel' so Together, like Two birds of a Feather... You can both deal.
    Good luck and Good Going so far though. xx


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  • Well, love does make you vulnerable to hurt.
    Take this love advice from the Punisher:

    That's right the Punisher has real good love advice.

  • When was the last time you bought him flowers or cleaned his car?

    • He hasn't cleaned my car because I wouldn't let him. I cooked for him and ordered him his favorite kind of cake last weekend for his birthday (when he brought me the flowers).

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    • I think more would take advantage and use him for odd jobs and services.

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  • It's love 😍😍😍