My girlfriend went to a party and didn't invite me or tell me about it?

She drank a little and then swam then drove home. I feel kind of sad and mad about it. What should I do? She says she didn't tell me because I wouldn't have let her go which is not true. She told me she was tired and was going to go to sleep and then I call her and she says she's driving to party and then tells me she'll call me later because she's driving and doesn't even tell me who she's with or anything.


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  • I get where you're coming from, but you're allowed and encouraged to do things apart.

    • Shouldn't she have told me something at least

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    • I'm only using her for sex for a bit and I'll dump her

    • So then it doesn't matter if she goes places without you.

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  • my advice leave her she still needs to grow
    she is not ready for a relationship