My boyfriend works 16h a day and it's affecting his mood and our relationship. What do I do?

He is very ambitious and recently he made a goal to make something big, so he got on a project that makes him work minimum 16h a day for next 3 months. He literally only works, eats, and in breaks he does a short workout and then back to work. We see each other once a week and he's usually tired but worried about that project. It's not that he's treating me bad, but surely differently. He is distant at moments and not so romantic. And sex is just a quicky every time. We talk/text almost every day but every time we do he is moody and busy and sometimes I feel like he's contacting me only out of obligation. This started a month and a half ago and during that time I confronted him (nicely!) about it and he got super angry. I feel like I'm not allowed to say anything or miss him. Every time I tell him "I miss you" he would say like "I know babe, but you know how it is. Don't make this even harder." :/
We've been dating for 5 months (not long, I know) and I really like him and care about him. I also work and have stuff to do, I try not make a pressure on him. But I would like to know some ways I could take out his pressure and relax him? Something that will take his mind off of work for at least few minutes, to make him smile and happy or something like that. Or am I completely out of power here? I would rather not talk/see him for days and then have him in good mood when we do, then like this. Am I being too selfish?


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  • "But I would like to know some ways I could take out his pressure and relax him?" Here's some advice here from another Type A, world domination obsessed workaholic - Don't.

    If you want him to fall madly in love with you and value you more than anything else in the world, shut up about this and any small talk, keep your fridge stocked at all times, and just give him words of encouragement without ever giving any specific advice on how to do his thing. If you're not prepared to do that, then prepare yourself for being single again.


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  • Here's what I do for my husband... Cook him a good meal to come home to, give him a blow job, rub his back, then go to sleep... I get a lot of satisfaction out of making him happy :) sometimes its hard not to think I'm getting neglected when he works so much and is so tired. But I know it doesn't mean anything bad about me- he's simply exhausted. Try planning a date that's a few weeks out so he has ample time to prepare.

    • This is a man's idea of the perfect wife right here. Supportive in a way that we appreciate, and understanding of the way that we operate. You're husband is a very lucky man to have you.

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