Accidentally called him by another guy's name when talking... mortified?

I said, "Justin!!!" when we were kidding around. And, he got really flustered. He pulled away from me and started grabbing his stuff. I'm not sure if he was kidding, but he didn't go anywhere.

I told him I was very sorry. I explained and reminded him (he knew that I broke my friendship off with Justin this week after we became exclusive on Saturday because Justin kept treating me as more than a friend) that Justin was the guy before him that I talked to for a long time, but when we finally had our first date, it just didn't click for me. (I met the guy I'm currently with after Justin and I's first date.) I told him it was just habit because I had been talking to that guy for a long time and he was a bit clingy and text me all the time, so I was used to seeing his name a lot. It was just out of old habit.

He said it was okay, but then "joked" that it was one of the [red flag] observations he was looking out for, which - in a way - let me know it bothered him.

We had made out twice before I did that and afterward, I just felt like the air went of the room, despite my sincere apologies and telling him I felt horrible. He reassured me, but I could just sense that he was hiding how he really felt.

I feel so bad about it and it just hit me that I had also seen my first boyfriend's profile on Facebook when scrolling on "People You May Know" right before I called him the wrong name and my ex's name is also Justin.

Is there is anything I can do to fix this? I feel bad and I know that we are trying to build our trust, so I feel like this is 5 steps backward, even though he played it off as no big deal. It was a sincere mistake. :/


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  • He needs to be more forgiving. This happens all the time. There's a slot in our head for "partner's name" and it takes time to completely erase the old one. Anyway, if he gets pissed off over stupid little stuff, you may be better off without him.

    • He didn't seem to be mad. When he got home last night, he planned our date at the shooting range for Saturday, so maybe he wasn't as spooked as I thought.

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  • This is what happens when you have been with so many different men, you get mixed up because really, they are not that much different to each other.

    Now this guy knows that he is just another Tom, Dick or Harry and that there is no novelty so he has withdrawn.

    • But, I haven't been. I've been single for 4 years, focused on my education and career. It just so happens that Justin was the guy before him and honestly, I wasn't attracted to him at all, so it never progressed past a first date. We continued to talk, but once this guy and I got closer, we agreed to a friendship. I don't know why I accidentally said the wrong name. I really like the guy I'm with now.

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  • It is definitely a mistake, but you've apologized for it and explained yourself so that's really all you can do