She's leaving town for three months. What are the possibilities of a "second chance" with this girl?

I asked a girl out a while back. I'd wanted to ask her out for a while, but for a variety of reasons, I ended up not asking her until recently. We went out for dinner and she said she really enjoyed herself. I asked her out for a second date, but she declined because she's leaving town for three months. I told her that long distance wouldn't be an issue for me, but that I understood if it was for her.

I guess my question is two-fold. First, how do I stop beating myself up for not asking her out earlier? And two, if I decide to ask her out again, what are the odds that she would accept?


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  • She already turned you down once, you will look desperate if you try again. Also, if she was really into you she might try long distance or at least go out on a second date, so I would not try again, at least until she comes back in a few months. And, just stop beating yourself up, nothing you can do about it now. Even if you asked her out sooner she still might not have wanted to do long distance and then you still would have been in this situation anyways.

    • I texted her the day she left to wish her safe travels. She seemed receptive. Nothing since then though. Even so, I've been very busy since she's been gone, so it's actually not too bad a thing right now.

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  • If she truly had a good tome she should say yes, and dont beat yourself up. I convinced myself i was in love with a guy and i asked him out after a year and it was so scary we had a great tome and he dumped me. Life is random thing you dont know what the other person thinks but you really just need to push through


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