Why does this girl keep looking at another guy? Does she like me?

I like this girl and I try to talk to her, she smiles at me and talks, but I see her always glancing at this other dude. She talks to me, then looks away at that guy. She also mentioned the word friend four times to me and I read that girls touch their hair when they flirt, but she doesn't do that when talking to me. She has mentioned liking someone too.



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  • She likes him, not you.


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  • I don't think she likes you dude. Since it's one guy and she keeps behaving like this then she may be using you to get his attention. The hair thing may be nervousness or she feels guilty for using you like that. Does she have history with this guy? She smiles and talks to you because she's being nice. She mentioned friend four times because she is trying to give you the hint that she is not interested. From what you wrote I'd say she likes him, is trying to friendzone you and using you to make this guy jealous. This has happened to me before.

    • She does have history with him. She said he was her childhood friend

    • She likes him dude not you.

  • She might. You don't really need signs. Even without any signs she may like you. She looks at other guys bc they are there.. a girl can flip her hair at any one and don't mean anything. Some girls you'll never know bc some hide their feelings good some don't

    • I mean though she only look at one specific guy always when he's there. She keeps glancing at him, staring, etc...