Im so confused, does he like me or not? How do I find out :/?

So i have just started a new job and there is a guy there who i really like, he's single i see him at work 3 nights a week and we talk at work and he drops me off at home, he has added me on fb, snapchat and followed me on instagram, he has talked to me a few times on snapchat but not in the past coupls of days :( the staff at work tease us sometimes about liking eachother but i havnt said to anyone that i like him, i wanna keep it a secret so i dont get why they are teasing us? Maybe he mentioned me to someone i dont know. Last night he went on snapchat at work and went on my story where i had a selfie of myself and he joked and said hell screenshot it and put it on his backround lol , i just said thanks lol , what does that mean? Why won't he just ask me out lol or at least talk more to me over text after work?


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  • You can just hope he's a real dude and will ask you out otherwise it's not dramatic 'cuz if he doesn't want to go out with you it's either he's not that into you or he has no balls
    So you should see this as a win-win situation because you spare yourself from wasting your time with a wimp


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