He kisses me then doesn't message me back?

So iceberg talking to this guy for a few weeks. The other day I went to watch him sing in a bar as he wanted me to come. He got flustered when he saw me as I said I wasn't going to go but I changed my mind.
The next day I went over to his and the I took him to McDonald's as we both didn't eat all day and he was still hungover.
when we got back to his, he kissed me a few times then when I had to leave to go to work he kissed me again. That night I drove into town with my sister and her boyfriend to get some food, I saw him and he was tipsy- he was out with the guys. And he grabbed me and said that he'll come and see me soon and kissed my head twice. And also made sure I was okay to drive (my sister and her boyfriend were over the limit to drive and I had one drink). He was very caring to make sure I was fit to drive. When I got back home, I messaged him saying that I hope he has a good night. The next day I messaged him asking how his night was, but I still haven't had a reply and it's been 36+ hours. Why would he be like that then ignore me? I like this guy, he's the first guy I've kissed since my ex. He works in a 24hour shop and does the night shifts so when I go in, he's always cry chatty but then he doesn't message me much. But the other day he was messaging me paragraphs, loads of messaging! I really don't know where I stand with this guy 😩


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  • How old is he? I'm sorry but he sounds like he's playing you... I've seen this far too many times. There's also the off chance he met someone else that night that caught his attention a little bit more.

    • He's 19, well he kissed a girl that night I went to watch him in the bar. But then said that I was his girlfriend because she was one of his friends little sister... And we aren't together so I guess he's allowed to get with anyone he likes. Does that mean I should stop bothering him?

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  • Sounds like he drinks a lot and is hungover a lot. Sounds like he hasn't been mentally fit to be doing much besides sleeping

    • He doesn't drink loads.