I can't move on from an online boyfriend? please help?

So like, i was with this guy named Joelee and we've been together for about 9 months now, i loved him to death til we had lots of arguements and everything seems not to be working out so we had a break up. Long story short he was an asshole, a jerk and really selfish but i still love him. After the break up, i decided to have sex with a guy in real life because well... i don't know. I had to get my mind off of him some how. Joelee said we could be together online but he wants to control me bc he doesn't trust me. And i feel like that's wrong. I want to move on but i can't. I still love him. My heart says do it, but my head says he had his chance keeping me happy, even before i had sex he'd leave me saying i'm a slut he'll never be back then i'd cry and beg him. I need help.


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  • I thought I will never forget or move on from my online ex boyfriend, but after I stopped talking to him for 3 weeks I got over him, just cut him off completely and you'll move on.


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  • WTF does he mean "be together online"? He doesn't see you in person? You two just masterbate to each other? Sticky fingers!

    • I was hoping to meet him in real life, we do live in a same country so lmao

    • Try watching "To catch a predator" sometime with Chris Hansen. You sure this guy is sending you legit pics of himself and not someone else? Have you at least Skyped?

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  • Your heart and head are both wrong. He is an abusive controlling manipulative man who wants to control you and hurt you. You would do so much better for your heart and health to leave him and move on!
    Talk to someone else, someone who is nice to you, log off online dating for a while so you can cut ties with him until you feel you are over him.