My high school crush And dating her ! Did I just fu**ed everything up with her plzz help me?

So i have been dating my school crush for 1 month And she was so intersted in me And told her best friends about me And i asked her 2 times to hang out with me And she always was so happy coming to see me And she even have asked me 4 times to come hang out with her And we maked out so many times And kissed me on my neck And everything but i really didn't show her a lot of interst in school or in phone like in school i didn't talk to her maybe only say hi to her And in phone too i text her maybe once or twice a day bc her best Friend told me that she likes a guy who is hard to get so i did. But 2 weeks ago she asked me out And i went to see her And everything was perfectly Fine And we maked out like for 30min And the next week i asked her to come over to read for the exam together after the weekend bc she was going to her Friend lake house And she was like "yeah ofc i will come" but after weekend she started to kinda ignore me And i asked her friend if everything is okay And she was like there is something but i dont know if i can tell you And asked her what is it And she was like " julia said the she likes only as friend" And the thing that she has told to the Same Friend before that weekend that she likes me a lot And she was like she gonna call u tommorw And tell you by herself but she never called so i called her And she didn't answer so i went to her house And said to her if u dont come out i will come knock on ur door so she got really panic about it And she didn't came And i got mad And said to her that " okey that was ur choice so thats it"

but i didn't really mean it so i texted her 4 days later that we should see And talk bc i didn't really mean what i said so if u wanna talk about it come And let help us out And she was like " i dont have anything to say to u that what i wanted when i was going to call u i dont want our thing to continue so bye bitch" And she told her friends that she hates me and she dont want even to look at me And something like that but in school i always catch her staring at me angrly
And i found out that she one of reason why she hates me is bc when i said to her that come out to talk or i come knock on ur door she took it as threating her or something And by the way she dont know that her Friend told me about what she said in the lake house And i tried again to talk to her but even before i start she was like "**** off i dont wanna talk to you" so can u tell me what to do right now plzz do i just move on or try something else plzz? by the way im her first kiss And first guy ever


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  • Move on. You screwed up really bad.

    • Did i? Shit. I didn't want thing to go this way i never thought that this was my fault... Shit

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