Guys, When's a good time to send your boyfriend sexy photos? want to send him something as a "reward". Is sending to many nudes a Bad thing? Thoughts?


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  • If you send many, it defeats the purpose of being a reward.

    A reward should be special, not routine.

    • If it becomes routine, it can also be seen as trashy by some people. As far as how long into it? I'd say until you're comfortable at having some sort of physical closeness and some form of sexual contacts.

    • I haven't sent him one for a couple of months now. The last ass one I sent was last year (which is what I want to send him) I donno maybe I shouldn't do it... He always loves them but I don't want him to think I'm trashy

    • oh, by routine, I meant like every other week.. you're fine.

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  • he doesn't need you to send him any "rewards" as you call it. he can look at girls 1000 times sexier than you online for free. why would he want to just wait for your little stinky pics? get over yourself!!!

    • because the internet you see something that millions see. You see something that was meant for the public.

      On a personal message, you see something that was meant for you. It's not the content, it's about the fact that someone was willing to do that just for you..