If you were the guy I was dating online, would you get mad at me?

I started online dating a couple of weeks ago and I used photos of a different girl (who looks below average to average) in my profile. The reality is I look pretty cute (others would call me gorgeous, and I am a part-time model) and I have a well-toned body. I did this because I'm sick of attracting jerks and guys who only wanted to get under my pants.

Now I have met this wonderful guy and we instantly clicked. He said he likes my personality and doesn't care how I look. We haven't chatted on cam yet. I gave him a lotta dumb reasons because I don't know how to tell him that those photos aren't mine. I'm planning on video-calling him on Sunday.

Would you get mad at me if you were him?

  • Yes and I will delete you off.
  • Yes but I will give you another chance.
  • No. I wouldn't mind.
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  • Nope, but I'll be a bit confused at first. Your decision to have someone like you for your personality instead of your looks is quite admirable, I like it.

    • I hope he'll think the same and that he'll be a bit glad that I look a lot better than the girl in the pictures, though I'm still nervous 'bout it.

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    • @mghowmasculinist Lies are mostly bad, but not this one. Lets say there are two friends (A) and (B). One day they decide to meat and bring each other a gift. (A) said he would bring an apple, and (B) said she would bring a tomato. (A) and (B) didn't care about the gift, they just wanted to hang out. But on the day they met instead of a tomato, (B) brought a sweet and plump peach. Do you think (A) was mad because (B) lied?

    • Apples and Oranges...

Most Helpful Girl

  • Tell him as soon as possible, together with the real reason. The longer you wait, the lower your chance gets he accepts it.

    • We will speak on Sunday. I'll accept whatever the outcome will be but I will really be sad if he deletes me off.

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  • A liar is a liar and should not be trusted