19 year old, serious due to upbringing and unable to have a simple interesting/funny conversation with a girl?

I will try and keep this as concise as possible... for my age because the way I have been brought up I am serious, my dad is old fashioned never believed in partying especially below my age, only started going to parties once at uni but even there due to my nature I can never really enjoy it, never really went to many parties growing up and is why I think I am unable to engage in everyday chat with girls especially if I would go on a date or if I meet a girl as apart from basic things like what they do im not sure what fun interesting things to talk about and is why I believe girls at first are interested and then get bored very quickly. If a girl wants a serious convo weather it be her problems or anything I am that perfect person to talk to but I fear that only comes once I have had a strong relationship and not straight off the bat. I really dont know how guys come up with random stuff to talk and laugh about and in the situation it is next to impossible for me to come up with any topic especially after weve discussed dreams, what they do at the moment and basic info like that. Any thoughts?


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  • Where do you know this girl from? Like is she in your class, you met her at the gym, some kind of club?

    • Through friends, class and outisde clubs mainly

    • Im more talking about the girls I have met in general its the trend, apart from first few times I meet them conversations get progressively dry over time or if one conversation lasts too long for instance the topics run out.

    • If you know them from class, talk about things related to that, Ask if they've started the latest assignment, studied for the upcoming exam. How they found the most recent tasks in that class, etc..
      It's tough to start and maintain decent conversations with people you just randomly approach on the street. Hence why there's a general practice of not doing that.

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  • God... I've pretty much thought this same thing about myself. I always just try and relax and be myself.

    And yeah, I know that's cliche