Girls, How do you figure out, if a random guy you talk to, is on the same page as you?

When you meet a random guy and talk to him, how do you figure out if he is on the same page as you?

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  • Well, I'll use this in the way I can relate to.
    I met my SO online. So for about 2.5 weeks we're chatting online. We both like each other but have no idea what the other thinks. He's dropping a lot of hints (apparently - so he tells me), but I just thought he thinks I'm a friend which sucks because I like him etc. I think if you aren't so blind to the flirtatious hints, it'd be obvious!
    But once we met and he was being more physically flirty.. hands on back to direct me when walking, standing close, hand briefly touched my leg in the cinema, wanting to hang out for longer opposed to leaving after our first movie, taking me back to my car - kissing me goodbye (that was the most obvious sign! ha). It gets more obvious I guess.

    • Thanks :)) How do you flirt with a random guy, when you are sexually attracted to him?

    • Well, I am kind of weird, I don't feel sexually attracted to people until I have a mental or emotional connection too. But when that comes, I guess, lots of eye contact and smiling while looking into their eyes. I am not good at being all physical until I know they'll reciprocate. But if we're at that stage, then I guess hands on arms or chest a lot.
      But honestly.. eye contact and cheeky smiles, goes a long way I guess.

  • I hate the phrase, 'on the same page'. By this I assume you mean if they are interested in pursuing you romantically? I figure it out by him asking me on a date and vice versa. No action equals no action.

    • Thanks :)) So if he doesn't ask you out, nothing will ever happen between both of you?

    • Correct.

    • will you hint him , if you want to be asked out?