Why does he start texting then ignores me?

okay he always asks me questions how i was doing how i did in that exam and a lot of other things
but then when I respond he ignores my reply! Yes he does reply (never left my text without respond ) but after hours and hours sometimes the next day
and i know he read my text because i see that he was active on social media

i get sooo frustrated and sometimes i feel like i should not respond because he probably doesn't want to talk but he is the one that started the conversation afterall!

Also he said few things that felt like if he kinda likes me which is weird so my friends told me that maybe he is playing a game

So what do you think i should do?


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  • Checking up on you? End of conversation? Nothing to talk about? I would look much into it..

    • Sorry I didn't really get what you mean?

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  • I can't give u a proper answer to this whether likes u or not. Like what I always tell myself: technology do ruin relationships at times. You get frustrated when u saw that he's online but not replying you, keep thinking that he's ignoring you etc. And then you will end up confronting him about this issue. Sometimes this will lead to arguments (good relationship/dating should not argue for such small matters) I myself will also feel the same way as u do when my boy does that, so what I normally do is, (for whatsapp), I will off my last seen and blue ticks. For facebook, i will appear offline so I dont see who's online (doesn't seem to work on mobile though).

    • sorry if there's any typo here. i typed it in a rush ><

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  • Guys do this all the time.
    First of all, they don't take texting as seriously as we do. They don't need to have a beginning to end type of convo like you would on the phone.
    They also do this to see if you reply!
    I would mirror his actions. If he is taking ____ hours to respond to you, then you do the same. Don't respond right away.

  • playing hard to get maybe?