First date: What to say, when to say??

I am a shy person...when I am attracted to a guy, I get nervous and feel what I say might make him turn away from me. What should I say or do in a first date?


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  • I'm going to have to disagree with Hopey's comment. That's not going to work if the guy you are on the date with is as shy and quiet at you are. Talk about yourself. Talk about what you like to do, where you have been, what you want to do with your life. Don't just let him ask all the questions, ask some back. For instance, if he says, "I want to be a archeologist." You can reply back, "An archeologist? So, did you want to be like Indiana Jones when you were younger?" Listen to what he says to you and pick out things from his response that you can use to find out more about him and keep the conversation going. Everybody can't pull off just sitting there being perfectly lovely. That can backfire on you.


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  • Thats perfect! You have an upper hand, being shy is definately better than a girl who babbles (me...haha) Just answer his questions not revealing too much about yourself, just be perfectly lovely, not too complimentary to him though, don't let him know how interested you are. No more than a small kiss at the end of night too, don't give him too much too soon. Good luck!