Calling all men - can I please get your perspective?

Any opinions are appreciated but can I get some guy's opinions. Basically if you hadn't met a girl for long time 2yrs+ why would you keep in contact texts mostly. You used to work together weren't v. good friends but got along well but you have gotten to know each other better. Texts get more frequent and more flirty (become daily) & drunk texts every weekend. He's a shy aloof kinda guy & we're both in relationships

Thanks johnbee. My relationship is the way it always has been which maybe d problem. 7 year itch & all that. my boyfriend knows dis guy texts I even showed him a drunk I love you text I got
I showed him that text cause we've always been pretty honest with each other & believe if you don't have trust what's d point. I'm not talking about having a r'ship with dis guy I'm just trying to figure him out & what his motive(?) is.


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  • He likes you.

    I use to e mail a girl that I use to work with almost everyday.

    Long story short her replies got shorter & shorter so I stopped just to see if I would her from her.

    I didn't.

    How is your relationship?

    Are you still interested in your guy?

    If so then I think that I would stop like she did.

    • It's time to make a decision.

      Whom do you think will be the better more compatible partner?

      I wouldn't like it if my Girlfriend showed me a text from another guy.

      Why did you do that?

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  • Maybe just for fun, maybe he wants something to happen etc.


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