Should I pay a girl to go out on a date with me (not expecting sex or anything)?

I cannot seem to get girls interested in me. But if they went on a date with me, they might just like me after getting to know me better.

Should i offer a girl $150 to go on a date with me that lasts a minimum of 2 hours?


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  • I only say don't because you can get someone to go out with you for a far less price. There's a site for that I believe


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  • I think it's a bad idea.

    One of two things is going to happen:

    1. If your looking for a real relationship, do you really think she will feel like anything but like a prostitute if you paid her to date you? Even suggesting the idea may make her feel like crap. She isn't going to want a real relationship in this case.

    1. If your looking for a one time date to have fun, then what's the point of paying her. If you tell her upfront and say, "Hay, I'm not looking for a relationship here, just someone to hang out with at X event, you want to come with me?", then even if she isn't interested in dating you, she should want to go, my treat". I guess what I'm saying is, your being ripped off. Why pay for her costs to go AND pay her to go.


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