A little confused?

OK this guy finally asked me out, but he hasn't called or text. But we do now and then talk by email and what not. Should I be worried, or is this how you guy's work?


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  • girl we in the same situation..this guy says he likes me and wants to date and stuff but now he's acting like he don't want nothing to do with me. he hasn't texted me he hasn't talked to me except a couple times yesterday. I don't know what to do, maybe you should ask him if something is going on. I did that yesterday. and if he don't start coming around soon drop em..thats what I'm about to do with this guy.

    • He talk's but just not by phone or text. But yeah I will ask him what's up, or just wait a few more days and see.

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    • I'm sure he will. guy's are weired. or he could be waiting for you to get in touch with him.

    • Naw I doubt it because I've tried and he still isn't talking to me. He walked past me like he was expecting me to give him a hug and I didnt. because he's been ignoring me.