Long distance or will it crash and burn?

I met this guy online and we have gone out quite a few times (we have known each other a few weeks). Both of us really like each other and we have discussed the long distance thing. I haven't felt like this way w/anyone since my break up, almost a year ago. When he met me, he had 2 months left, but things changed and he is leaving a lot sooner then he planned. I want this to work and I believe he does as well.


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  • Be optimistic! If you think it will work, it will. Talk to him and it seems that he wants this to work out with you too. Just keep communicating with each other throughout the summer (or how long he's leaving for) and let him understand how much you want this relationship to work. If he has the same vision, I think that you two will be successful. Good luck :)


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  • If you both want this to work then it will work! It will be harder than the normal relationship however you will have to work at it.