Grow up more?What?

I was texting this guy and I asked him what's up with you and me he said you mean me and you go out I said yea...Then he was like I would go out with you I just never asked cause I feel I need to grow more...I asked him grow up how..And he said I just feel your to good to me and I don't want to hurt you in any way..We're still not going out but we've shared a few kisses..but he still hasn't asked me out and he still flirts A LOT with other just makes me feel like a h o e...So I don't know is he not into me or what?


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  • Well by seeing your age he must be about the same age. And when boys are that age.. they don't know what the hell there talking about.. if he wants you and likes you he will just go out with you.. I he's playing games its probably because he just wants to have sex. Not trying to offend you.. and I'm sure you are a great girl.. it's just guys immaturity at your age is ridiculously low.