After first date: what is he thinking/what do I do?

So I finally got up the courage to ask the guy I'm interested in out for coffee after much encouragement from my friends. (FYI We both just graduated and I know him well)
He agreed to with me and we got drinks together today in the afternoon, talking for about an hour and a half when I said we'd been there for a long time and that there was a grad party I had to get to today. It got off to an awkward start, but we did talk most of the time without a problem, although I don't really know how much of the conversation I could call the tone flirtatious for. He paid for our drinks, even though I asked him out and he knew it was basically a casual date. We did continue to talk after we finished drinks and paid. We both kinda left with a simple "bye" and I texted him after telling him I had a good time and that I shouldn't have let him pay for our drinks, to which he responded that it was fine and he had a good time.
One of my guy friends talked o him after, and he told him he had a good time and could see going out with me again, but neither of us mentioned getting together again while out for coffee.
My best friend (another guy) said to maybe give it a week and then ask him out again, but I thought I should wait for a text from him within the next few days to see if he is interested.
What do I do in the meantime/do you think he is interested?


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  • Get the communication with him, and not with middle men.

    • i would love too, but i really don't want to freak him out by coming off as really really interested since college is approaching for each of us and making it seem like I want a full-blown relationship might scare him off. Also I'm afraid that it'll become one-sided if i'm always contacting him.

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  • I think he is interested. Anyway, ask him out within the next few days.