I abused my girlfriend from fake account on instagram, Did I get caught in her web?

- So i was very jealous of my girlfriend who lives 3 hours away from me having fun with her friends and family without me, i dont know what got into me, i made a fake account and abused her.

- I dont know what happend to her, after this abusing, she changed her profile pic to tell me that she missed me and how much she loves me.

- I got happy by seeing this and i made another fake account and told her that she is such a nice person.

Since then,, no contact from her , did i just get caught? was it a web by her? Im so afraid i dont want to lose this girl :(

  • When she got abused by a fake account, she doubted its u, she then plotted a plan by pleasing/making u happy through her profile pic, and u just got caught. Your'e busted bro, now she is sure its u who abused her.
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  • Nah dont worry bro, you are safe, she did not figure it out that u abused her.
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  • I think she became suspicious so tested you and when you made the second account it confirmed her suspicions. Sounds like you're very insecure and/or have jealousy issues, most probably both. Therapy might help.


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  • Well for starters if you want to have fun why don't you go and meet her, secondly you shouldn't have done this thing it's really immature. Coming back on your question it's highly likely that you're caught, given that she started putting up pictures and saying she misses you out of nowhere when some stranger abused her.
    Good luck.


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  • You're an arsehole and I hope she realized it was you and dumps your arse.

  • you're busted and i hope she'll confront you about it

  • What is wrong with you? Whether you've been caught or not, do the girl a favour and break up with her... she doesn't deserve to be emotionally manipulated. You're not mature enough to be in a relationship.

  • What the hell is wrong with you?

  • Why the hell would you do that? That's awful.


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