Do I Walk AWAY or back off and give it TIME? (((Could really use some help here, Please)))?

I recently met this guy end of April.
Honestly I haven't ever been so infatuated with anyone before. I.. Messed things up.. before we started.. And things haven't been the same between us since. In the beginning he kept saying he doesn't know how he got so lucky with meeting me, how gorgeous I am, he gave me a lot of time, etc.. And then I went possessive crazy on him when things were going fine. I knew he was broken badly from a previous relationship and just needed to go slow and he told me it wouldn't be "serious" right away bc he can't do that & he doesn't want to deal with the full commitments of a relationship now bc he can't. Then I just freaked on him when he was talking to another girl.

I'm just so... BLEH. Honestly I have never felt so much magic with anyone as I had with him.. Sleeping over at his house for one weekend now feels like a long lost dream. I just can't stand to think that I'm just one of 3/4 others that he is casually seeing (he says he rarely lets anyone sleep over) or if he's open to meeting others while sleeping with and seeing me. We do things outside of sex, he treats me nicely.. But he isn't giving me all his time and the effort is not equal.
Looks wise, I don't think he can do better. I'm not trying to sound cocky here, really I just mean based on the other women I've seen he talks with, & he has told me this, I'm "too good, what do I see in him?"
I'm also 21 and he's 28. I don't know, I know he likes me somewhat and i really am a good genuine person. if he isn't allowing me in, then what do I do? Am I taking this too seriously? If I just went casual on him and let him do his thing, if he likes me will he come around or is that just wishful thinking?

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  • Well it sounds like you two might be looking for something different right now. You want him to look at you as his girlfriend, but it doesn't sound like he wants a girlfriend right now. You can't make someone change their mind on something like that.

    My advice would be to fully accept this realization, and then make your decision from there


Most Helpful Girl

  • This is not good for you. You both want different things.
    It's hard walking away but it's for the best.
    Maybe in the future you may be on the same page, but never be casual with a guy who you want to be serious with. I've been there, not a good feeling.


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What Guys Said 3

  • I feel as if you should walk away, giving it time.. well, how much time are you willing to give?

    It seems as if he is not interested in any sort of commitment and this will hurt as it is, things were amazing, I understand but in the long run the feeling of misery and pain will only grow, is that something you want to face?

  • That sounds like almost the exact same predicament I'm in, except she is coming off a long term relationship and broke up with me.
    I know this doesn't help you at all.
    But I'm going through the same thing and it's frustrating.
    I've been on here constantly searching for answers for any and everyone.
    Hope we get our answers.

    • I hope so, I feel for ya :/ it sucks, truly

  • There is no benefit to him having you as his girlfriend... only more drama, less freedom, feeling obligated to listen to your problems and all in all, it's just a loss. You say that he can't do better than you... but here we are...


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  • If you have to ask then walk away.

    • I don't agree with that... I had to ask a q on here about my parents with a cheating situation and that does not mean they should walk away from each other

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    • I'm just saying that your answer is not really accurate like at all

    • First time I didn't read your huge wall of text but I did now. ATM by you saying, "the effort is not equal." makes me still stand by what I said since when one isn't putting 100% effort into it. Then they won't and you end up wasting your time. I had a dude I dated which kept saying how I was too good for him, he has commitment issues, blah blah blah. I kept thinking that there was hope and for 2 years I kept trying with them but he wasn't truly trying back. So I ended up saying fuck it all and gave up.

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