When to tell the girl I'm dating I recently broke up with my ex-girlfriend?

It was a long-term relationship, lasted for almost 3 years, broke up more than 2 months ago. When should I tell this girl? And how to not be awkward? lol


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  • Why are you already in another relationship? Poor form. That girl is gonna assume she's a rebound an be pissed you didn't say you only ended a 3 yr relationship a few months ago.

    • I'm about to go out with her next week for the first time so nothing's serious yet and she's definitely not a rebound.

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    • Yep, tell her that. But definitely bring it up.

    • thanks a lot:)

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  • You tell her only if she asks about it. Bringing it up on any other occasion is a guaranteed recipe for disaster.

    How to not be awkward? By leaving details. Again only do it when she asks about it.