Is cellulite and stretch marks on a 17 year old girl gross?

I do not look overweight, I would call myself "thick." I'm 5'5 and about 140 pounds. I had cellulite when I only weighed 112 pounds and still have it now. The stretch marks came from my gaining weight which I assume was part of me becoming a woman? Eating habits never changed

  • Yes! Would never date a girl with stretch marks and cellulite! Gross!
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  • No! Stretch marks and cellulite are natural and part of being a woman.
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  • Whatever, I have both of those I think (still not sure what cellulose is, sounds like something artificial to me lol). So I can't just say "I'd never date a girl with that".


What Girls Said 1

  • You are beautiful in your own skin and in your own way. Dont let what other people says about you get to you. Its a natural thing for some women to have cellute and stretch mark.