Girls, Why do I think about this girl so much?

Ok so summer semester just started and I have a really attractive girl in my American history class, I find myself looking at her a lot sometimes even during the professors lectures. I found out she's single but I have no experience with women and I'm 24 I try to block it out of my mind but my subconscious won't let me because when I sleep at night I dream about her. Not as in dirty dream but a dream where we are dating

Thanks for opinions


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  • You have a crush on her thats why.

    • How can I make it go away

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    • I'm gonna try hopefully I don't fail or get friend zoned

    • Good luck and dont be scared, i believe you can do it!

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  • Maybe your falling in love

    • Possibly

    • Is it possible if I don't know her that well

  • Aweee you like her. That's why. There's something different about her that catches your attention. You mentioned you've never had experience with a woman so do you know how to at least flirt? try to muster up the courage and talk to her and get to know her first (but don't get friend zoned)

    • I'm scared I would get friend zoned that why I haven't talked to her yet

    • You'll never know unless you try. You'd regret it and ask what if, if you don't try

    • I try to contain myself in class but I can't help myself when I stare at her like she could walk up to the professor and as she's walking back to her seat I try to make eye contact