What it mean When a guy warns u that other guys is a "Tool" ?

so me and my best friend go bowling every week and we have a flirty sorta friendship with these two brothers. Anyway my friend jokingly said oh thank you for putting us near cute guys and he looked at me then her said don't bother there tools and we were like oh wow you're friendly and he's like yeah I'm not I'm an ass jokingly.

Why why would he say any of that? Like he could of just said oh ur welcome or ignored it

i have a crush on the one who said this to us and my best friend has crush on his brother


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  • Guys sometimes joke off their feelings. This seems like playground boys pulling a pigtail sort of thing but beware this sort of demeanour may not be good partnership materiel

    • Elaborate more please?

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    • Well he probably likes you so he's putting down the competition. It's common behavior in immature guys. On the one hand he may be into you but on the other I'd search deep down inside and question whether you want to be with a guy who acts like that.

    • Well he admitted he's a asshole himself meaning he tells it like it is soooo what that mean?

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  • Tools are guys who are just not funny and really serious about everything. Urban dictionary it for others opinions