Did I scare him away?

So I recently went on a date with this one guy. Let me just start by saying that he's a couple of years younger than me but not too young. He's never been on a date before though. Never had his first kiss either. So I have more experience.

So during the date, there was definitely some sexual tension. After it, he tried to kiss me on the cheek but I started making out aggressively and kissing his neck. He stopped me there and we didn't talk about it later. He said that he enjoyed the date though.

After I went home, he texted me back. So we are talking now but have no plans for another date yet. Do you think he's into me? I think I probably need to slow down. If we have another date, I'm thinking I'll wait for him to initiate.

  • No. You're overthinking
  • Yes. You blew it.
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Well it was pointless asking this lol


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  • He's just probably over thinking what to do next lol. Just keep your head level and keep progressing the relationship xD.

  • Should have had his cock out


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