Searching ex's on Facebook?

My girlfriend used to date her history teacher which was frowned on at the time as he was 34 and she was 19. She's now 22 and we've been dating for a year but she searches and goes through his Facebook profile at least once a week. She's been doing it for quite a few months, I have asked her about it and she just says she's curious. What're are your thoughts?


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  • Mmm, I would say if it was every so often (aka few times a year!) that she's not letting go but isn't emotional. But every week? That's someone who isn't emotionally letting go either. Whether it's out of anger and you hope their life sucks, or it's out of love and you still hope it sucks because you're not in it ha.

    If she isn't actively doing anything, may not need to say anything. It is a bit inappropriate behaviour in terms of a girlfriend so perhaps bring it up in that way. But until she actively does something, if you can ignore it, just leave it? It may just take time but seeing you've been together a year (and not like a couple months where you're still deciding how you feel), I think she needs to grow up a bit.

    • Why thank you.
      What's your decision

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    • Sorry haha that was meant to say she 'has' messaged to meet up with him. Sorry about that

    • Ahaha, small mistake :P

      Yeah for me that's crossed the line between "casual stalk/see how they are" (which for me isn't healthy but seems common so whatever), and actively messaging and meeting.

      What did you say about this/ she say about this? How do you feel? I think if she didn't at least talk to you about it first it's disrespectful.

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  • Don't make an issue out of it. Unless she starts messaging him and doodling his name on her notebook, then it's exactly what she says, it's curiosity.


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