Could he be into me or he just a player asshole?

Me and my best friend S we go bowling every week there's two guys she and I think are attractive Who work there (Recently found out there brothers) anyway when we bowl apparently according to S they look at their phones then will constantly look at us, phone us , phone us throughout the night. We gone there so many times they practically know us. Anyway so they will look or stare when we bowl and my friend S always looks and catches them. I look at them too but not as much as S anyway when I look they do look at us. Towards end of night they will bowl in a different lane and will look at us according to S (honestly don't know how accurate she is) there's time they look at us and seem interested but there's other times they will stand and flirt with other girls. Or not be joking around with us like normal. Also one of the brothers who I like when I "bug" him for stuff he "acts" at least I hope so annoyed with me and will roll or shake his head and smirk or laugh and will say what do you want now?

Mixed signals!!!

All we know about them is:
There brothers

We don't know if:
There ages
If and who is into me or S or even into us at all


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