Does my ex still like me?

Pls help :( we broke up a few months ago, had a break and started talking recently on the phone late at night and texting occasionally throughout the day. He's still affectionate with me and has inside jokes even though we never talk about anything sexual. Today we spent two hours talking and laughing about funny memories we had last summer vacation. We are meeting up next week
so does he still like me or just being friendly? He was the one who dumped me by the way


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  • Just because he dumped you doesn't mean he wasn't affected by the breakup. From the information you've given me, I can't tell you what he actually thinks. I think you're going to have to see what happens, and if you don't get the feeling then you'll know (or he'll explicitly say he wants to be friends).

    At that point, you need to make the call whether or not you want to be friends. If he friend zoned you he may just be using you as a safety net so keep that in mind.

    Best of luck :)


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  • You shouldn't be giving him any attention. He's a just stringing you along.