Am I going to be sexually harassed if I meet up with this girl?

I was trying to act big and tough. I even put on my alpha tshirt as seen in my cover photo while I was texting her. It was all an act though and I'm legit scared af right now. My hands are shaking and I don't know if I can pull through with it. Do you think we would just hang out together and watch the movie or something? How do I deescalate this situation? I just want to chill now..
Am I going to be sexually harassed if I meet up with this girl?
I think I was leading her on too far and this point if I come over there she might sexually harass me. I'm bringing my aggressive women safety belt with me just in case.

I'f I'm held captive I'm bringing with me a cliff bar so I don't go catabolic.

@polocrew w0t do?


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  • Yes she will stick her nipples up inside your anus your fucked for life hire me for $500 for protection and I will inflate her boobs since I am a sketchy plastic surgeon.

    • Ewww brah, Danf son my protein shake coming out

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    • @Polocrew I just inject testosterone and trenbolone into my ass.

    • Dang this fgit gave me weird idea of doing it in nipples

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