Girls please help! Good graduation gifts for a really close female friend?

My friend is graduating from college soon with her AA. I want to get her something for it. We're really close and are taking our relationship slow. I got her a personalized bear that has her name and was gonna get her a gift card for her favorite store for the card. Then take her to a movie and dinner the following week. Should I get her something different? I was thinking of getting her a picture frame and putting a photo of us together at her graduation and give it to her later.

Any input is greatly appreciate :)


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  • How long have you known your friend?

    • For over a year now, we're best friends

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    • I actually want to do something like that for her for Christmas or her birthday :) thanks! I was just nervous on what to get her. I've never done this before lol. I'm hoping she likes everything and the picture frame with us :)

    • i'm sure she will! :) Good luck

  • I think that's very thoughtful and nice

    • So do you think all of that would be good? Any input I really appreciate :)

    • Yeah I think that great :)

    • Okay thank you :)

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