Planned to go out with a guy from tinder, but my parents have to meet him first 😬 How do I bring this up without coming off as incredibly lame?

We planned everything but now my mom is saying she has to meet him before he takes me out and I feel really awkward and bad about putting him in this situation. What should I say?


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    Listen fam, tinder is not a legitimate way of meeting decent people who are looking for serious relationships. It's more of a hook up site for lazy people.

    Imagine being asked "so how did you two meet?" And your answer would have t be "on tinder".

    • Times have changed. In this day of age, it's acceptable to meet people from Tinder. And even if it wasn't, who cares what people think? And there ARE legit guys on Tinder looking for a relationship.

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    • What you're saying has nothing to do with my question. I've been talking to this guy for a while, I've got friends who know him, and he's not a bad guy. I don't know why you felt the need to comment on the legitimacy of how we met (like I don't know what the app is usually used for) and act like you, someone who knows the bare minimum of the situation, have a better idea of who he is than myself (the one actually talking to this guy).

  • it depends what they mean by meet? are we talking like just say hi to parents for couple minutes when he picks you up or more like them having dinner with him or something more detailed and longer?

    • Nothing like dinner or anything is required, but they said they want to meet him before the day we're going to the concert. I was thinking maybe I could ask if he wants to go to lunch or something and then he could just say hi and talk to my parents after that? Is that too much? I feel like I'm asking him to do a lot

    • if its just to say hi , that doesn't sound like too much , if he wasn't even willing to meet them that also might be a red flag

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  • First off- you're one of the few people who are completely honest with their parents about their dates when they're an adult.. secondly I would just tell him 'hey this is kinda weird but would you mind meeting my parents to get them off my back?" or I would just tell him to pick you up at his house and then when he comes in they will meet him and it won't be like a "planned thing" but tell your parents this alternative plan.

    • Is that a bad thing? I mean I left out the part about meeting on tinder (I told them we met through a friend). But thanks so much for your help! The thing is they want to meet him before the day of the concert we're going to. Would it be too much to ask him to go to lunch or something and have him just say hi or whatever after? Cause I' haven't met him either and I feel like that'd be nice to do first

    • yeah that could work!