Hooked up again with a guy who once ghosted me?

I dated (casually) this guy 2 years ago for about 4 months. He then just kinda stopped talking to me.

I would run into him off and on for him only to say hi.

fast forward to now, my best friend is now dating one of his friends and yesterday was the first time we all got together. At first it was awkward but then I went up to him and told him how I felt about just randomly stopped talking to me.

he apologized and we hugged than like 10 mins later we began to hook up and then had sex? I ended up sleeping over and we cuddled it was just very strange.

Now I even feel more in limbo because I don't no what's happening from here? Will he start texting me again Or was it one last final hoora?


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  • He played you like a fiddle. You got used

  • He has already demonstrated who he is... and you demonstrated that you do not learn from your mistakes.


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