Should I relike this guy on Tinder?

So, at one point I had a Tinder account, and there was a guy on there who I matched with. For whatever reason, neither one of us made a move. Fast forward to now, two years after we had matched on Tinder, he and I reconnected on Instagram. I probably came off as awkward, but I DMed him and told him that we had matched on Tinder (I didn't say how long ago, though), and then we started up a conversation.

At this point my Tinder account was deleted, so when I recreated the account none of my matches from before appeared. I found him on Tinder, but based on our conversation he said he doesn't pay attention to the whole Tinder thing, so I'm guessing he still has an account, but he doesn't use it.

Should I relike him on Tinder in the hopes when he gets on he'll like me, and then maybe then we reconnect through there. On Instagram, he's been very unresponsive, so I'm not sure if he's in a relationship now, or if maybe he's even ready for something. I assume he's attracted to me since we matched at one point.

Would it be weird to relike him on Tinder, especially since I already told him we had matched on Tinder before?


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  • I wouldn't suggest you go back on tinder just for the sole purpose of matching up a second time. If you matched the first time he probably was interested but if he's not being as responsive now he might have lost that interest since then. However, don't count on it. Some guys are terrible at texting and such. Maybe the next time you two text, ask for his number. See how things go and carry on from that point. I think going back on tinder might come off as desperate for his attention especially since he mentioned he wasn't that into it. Don't assume anything about him dating another girl unless he tells you or you see it for yourself. Good luck!

    • Great input, thanks! I’ve actually already gave him my number in a previous DM because the first time I messaged him back I didn’t hear from him, so I decided to send another message on the fifth day with my phone number as a way to let him know that if he is just rarely on Instagram, he could message me outside of Instagram sometime. It was my way of determining if he was even remotely interested or not. If he didn’t respond, I was just going to let the whole thing go and move on, because he clearly isn’t interested. He actually messaged me the next day, but he didn’t mention anything about me giving him my number. But he did respond with more questions, so I took it as he was interested in getting to know me more (Why would someone ask more questions if they weren’t interested, you know? If I didn’t like someone I would find a way out). I later responded with my own questions, and now it’s been a whole week since I’ve heard from him, and it shows that he’s read my message.

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    • You're awesome. Thanks for all of the helpful advise. Yeah, I'm hoping I will just forgot about it in the near future. A thing of the past. :D

    • Do you think I should unfollow him on Instagram, or would that be a little overkill? He hasn't unfollowed me after our messages back and forth, so we are still following each other.

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