Guys, he canceled the date and wanted to reschedule but didn't?

So my coworker asked me out and we were supposed to go on a date a night after work. We made the plans and about 4 hours before he tells me he is sorry but he can't go anymore. His younger stepbrother ruined 2 tires in his car which lead to some other issues (he drove with 2 flats for a long time) and his stepmom was freaking out and he has to go help. He again said he was really sorry and that we will reschedule. I told him it was fine, things like this happen. He said yes and we will reschedule.

Well he he hasn't rescheduled and I'm not sure what to do. I dont know if he really wants to reschedule or if the family thing was an excuse to get of the date.

so my question: what do I do?


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  • This happened to me too. He asked me out and cancelled on that day and never rescheduled. kept talking every day, and now if i dont contact, he won't. kind of how it was when we first talk and he wasn't initiating much contact and now, second time around, he said he would do better and did for a while and now he is slacking off again...

    He is not that interested. If a guy really wants you, he will be with you, he would be consistent, he will pursue you and you would never wonder. ever.

    The thing with my guy... he has expressed that he has a hard time having mutual feelings of something more with women esp on his fb page he has said he doesn't have time for a relationship right now. So it explains his lack of pursuing me. So i dont mind being a friend and def dont expect nothing from him but he won't be hitting this til he shows me something real. if he does lol

  • i would move on. a guy who is excited about going on a date with you will not cancel a date if he doesn't have to. lets just say he really really did have to cancel, he would have rescheduled.

    when a man is really into you, you won't have to be confused or guessing he will make it known through his actions. so this guy wasn't really interested, probably another girl popped up that he knew would be fucking that night so he decided to go with her instead of spend money on you and still not be guaranteed pussy. so next time you see him act casual. he will probably try to set something else up with you later, but just turn him down and say you'll think about it but never get back to him.

  • If he wants to reschedule, he will take the initiative to do just that. Give it a week and then you can safely assume he has no interest in setting a date.