Does this guy really like me?

A couple weeks ago this guy from my college randomly messaged me on accident on facebook. He recently broke up with his ex of 9 months after losing feelings for her. We talked and he would say he was mad at me since he met someone so unique and different (talking about me) at a time when he wants to be single. He talks to his friends about me and showed them all my pictures and talks to me every day almost all day. I really feel like he does like me and I'm starting to like him. Here's the dilemma, recently I've seen he's been favoriting his ex's tweets and they're liking eachothers pictures on facebook and instagram, and judging by her tweets you can tell she's upset by the breakup and misses him. I'm upset he's still liking her stuff, but is this not actually a huge deal/something I should worry about? I brought up that I don't want to get between them two if there's still feelings and he said he genuinely likes me, they barely talk, and they don't have a thing. But he also wants to be single for a while and I'm in no rush to date anyone. I'm just worried about getting feelings if he will end up with his ex again. Thoughts?


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  • You have to start flirting back if he starts flirting with you online eventually if he gets the signs that you like him he will make a move, but better to make it more obvious than not, us guys are braindead to girls signals


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  • Don't get involved with him if you think he's still hung up on his ex. This is why social media is stupid, it creates all these problems and people jump to conclusions and monitor people's activity, and people just miss out on focusing on the experiences you have with that person, and making judgments based on that and nothing more.

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