Confused by girls signals?

Hey guys and girls,

I'm just seeking some advice because I'm feeling a bit confused in my current situation. So, there's a lovely girl who happens to like me. Her Mum, who is close to my Mum mentioned out of the blue how her daughter is attracted to me and would like for our families to meet for a BBQ so she could get to know me. She has also done things like smile at me if we walk past each other but tends to shy away if I make eye contact and try to say "hi". Also, I've tried messaging her on Facebook but she always responds in a very uptight, calculated way (no emojis, "haha's" or further questions, she just responds with the least amount of words possible). What I am curious about is why? If she likes me, I am offering an opportunity to get to know eachother. Just after some opinions, thanks guys!


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  • Maybe she just doesn't like using facebook.


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  • Maybe she not good at using facebook to talk to her crush.

    The most important signal is her body language. Don't rely on those facebook shit.

    Get to know her IRL at the BBQ meet. That a better way to do it.

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