Have You Ever Been Attracted To A Horror Movie Villain?

Is it weird to say that I've been attracted to a horror movie villain? Cause honestly I have been, and I feel really uncomfortable about it.
Have you ever like a horror movie villain? If so who?


What Guys Said 1

  • Totally. The blob in "the blob"

    Ooh la la

    • Hahaha, ikr ;) like I'd let it rape me. mmmm

What Girls Said 2

  • Bane. So sexy. No one else could pull off that creepy tarantula face mask. I loved his cheeky, alluring, pensive, deep voice and the way he would carry himself.

    • I also find something oddly attractive about a villain who was once a saint. Bane became such a hard ass after he saved a child from being gang raped and got ganged up on in return which caused a spinal injury hence the mask. The contrasting effect of a gentle soul with a force to be reckoned with is really sexy in a way.


    • I can totally understand you haha XD !! :) :)

  • I hate horror movies. So the answer would be: no