If you confront someone about lying and they ignore you, does it just confirm your suspicions?

I've been seeing this guy for a couple of months and he seemed to be serious about me and really like me :(
Not sure if it matters but I haven't slept with him yet as I was waiting until we were serious but planned to soon.
It's come to my attention that what he said about being single for several months is a lie. Very recent photos and family events together type of stuff.
I sent him a message and asked him if he still has a girlfriend. That was hours ago.
Should I assume that he was lying to me and just move on?


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  • I would give him a little more time to respond, his phone might be dead or not next to him. If he is silent for another day, I would be really suspicious. I really hope for your sake that this is just a misunderstanding or exaggeration (1month vs 3). If not, it's not a great sign for the relationship moving forward, a significant lie that early on. Good luck and be strong.


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  • Some people are not fond of confrontation.

  • I would think so.
    But it's only a few hours, he could be busy or something, give him more time and see what's his response.

  • Can't you wait for the reply?

    • He's been online since and it's been hours. Pretty sure he's not going to

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    • I won't text agai. I wasn't 100% sure, so I asked him instead of assuming he lied. But silence says everything I guess :(

    • Not always, wait and see, but be prepared for the worst

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