5 months of no contact, is it over?

- We were casually dating and i did not make physical moves on her , i did not court her properly so she ended up dumping me and dating other guys of class, but they also turned out to be weak.

- She came back to me and this time i ignored her.

-She stopped coming to class after this and Its been 5 months of no contact, is it over? What should I do?

  • Contact her, u were not in a relation, she has her freedom to date anyone, dont take it to heart.
  • Dont contact her, she blew u off for other guys, if she wants to talk to u, she will contact u. have some self respect dude.
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  • If you really are into her and would like to take another chance then contact her. Otherwise, just follow your heart.

    • She blew me off for other guys, wouldn't i look weak and pathetic if i contact her?
      If she wanted to contact me wouldn't have she contacted me?

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    • Yeah i was the backup guy, when it did not work out with other guys she came back to me.
      Should i accept that?

    • @Asker, well move on and forget her then. I was thinking maybe the "friendship" thing can work but I don't know

  • I think it should be pretty obvious that she doesn't want anything to do with you. If after five months she hasn't contacted you, she doesn't want to. Pack up and move on.

    • Yeah all my friends have told me this, she is done.
      But for the last few months, she has been liking youtube videos which depicts our situation and also on instagram she is writing poems indirectly for me.
      But she hasn't contacted me directly

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    • If she contacts me in future , by chance, should i ask her out?

    • No. It's an exercise in futility to even hold on to the hope that she'll contact you. Forget about her and find someone else to obsess over.

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  • HAHAHAHAHAHA 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. No dude she's playing hard to get, wait another 5 months to show her. Thanks for the laugh.

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